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Etymology/ Definitionप्रविचारणा प्रकर्षेण विशेषात् चर्य्यते भक्षणपानलेहाभ्यञ्जनादिरुपेण उपसेव्यते यत् तत् प्रविचारणा। च. सू. १३/२५ गंगाधर
ReferenceC.Su.13/25 Gangaadhara
Implied MeaningPravichaaran`aa is a type of oleation.
It means consuming unctuous substances in the form of various dietary preparations or utilising them in the form of Upakrama like Nasya ( nasal administration of drugs ), Basti ( medicated enema ), Abhyanga ( rubbing the body ) etc.
ElaborationIn case a person is advised oleation but has a revulsion for it, the methods adopted to administer the unctuous substance is called Pravichaaran aa.
Charaka described 24 types of Pravichaaran ` aa. Out of 24 Pravichaaran`aa of Sneha the first sixteen are of dietary preparations like Odana Vilepee Rasa Maamsa etc. and the rest are in the form of procedures.
A competent physician should use these various forms of Pravichaaran aa in patients by considering factors like S`haareera Saatmya ( things wholesome and homologous for the body ), Ritu Saatmya , and disease.
AntonymAchchha Sneha

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