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Etymology/ Definitionदीपनं पाचनं यत्स्यादुष्णत्वाद् द्रवशोषक म् । ग्राहि तच्च यथा शुण्ठी जीरकं गजपिप्पल्ली । शा.सं.पू खं ४/२
ReferenceS.Su.41/6, C.Su.4/15, Sh.S.P.4/12
Literary MeaningM / W – anything that holds or supports
Implied MeaningDrugs, which enhance Agni , promote digestion and fluid absorption due to Ushn`a ( hot ), and Rooksha ( dry ) properties are known as Graahi. The activity is best observed in the Pachyamaanaas`haya ( small intestine ).
ElaborationThe term Graahi is used to denote arresting entities in motion like fluids, by way of stool, urine, sweat, vomit etc. This is done by heat and dryness of Agni and Vaata respectively. The most common use is in arresting the loose motions but it could be also related to arresting the ageing process and stabilizing it. The wider meaning of the term is all those substances which when administered retard the activity of various body constituents by causing absorption of fluids, by improving the function of Agni . E. g. The action of S`hun`t`hee Graahi ) is observed in Atisaara ( diarrhoea ). Graahi Dravya have dominance of Agni and Vaayu Mahaabhoota .
E. g. S`hyonaaka Anantamoola Mocharasa
SynonymsStambhaka Sangraahaka Sangraahi
AntonymSramsana Anulomana Rechana Bhedana

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