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Etymology/ Definitionअल्पोदकद्रुमो यस्तु प्रवात: प्रचुरातप:। ज्ञेय: स जाङ्गलो देश: स्वल्परोगतमोऽपि च। च.वि. ३/४७
ReferenceC.Vi.3/47,A.H.Su.1/23, C.K.1/8, S.Su.35/42, A.H.Sha.1/79
Literary MeaningM / W – arid, sparingly grown with trees and plants
Implied MeaningOne of the types of Des`ha . Territory having less quantity of water and foliage, with strong blowing winds, sunlight ( Paryaakaasha Bhooyishtham ).
ElaborationDue to presence of strong sunlight and hot blowing winds, it has dominance of dry and hot attributes. People in this region are of Vaata and Pitta predominant constituents with high power of endurance, greater lifespan and have Khara ( rough ), Kat`hina attribute.
Plants in this region – Khadira, Vat`a, Aamalakee etc .
Animals in this region – Laava ( Quail ), Tittira ( Partridge ) etc.
Contemporary ColloquialArid, dry desiduous land,

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