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Etymology/ Definitionमलः स्वेदस्तु मेदस इति स्वेदो यद्यपि उदक विशेष एव उक्तस्तथा अपि तस्य मेदोमलत्वेनैवोत्पत्तिः । च.चि.१५/१८चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Chi.15/18, S.Su.15/8, A.Su.11/14,
Literary MeaningM / W – sweating, perspiring, sweat
Implied MeaningIt is the fluid waste product of the Meda Dhaatu ( Adipose tissue ), which is secreted out from skin pores ( Romakoopa ).
ElaborationIt helps to maintain the moisture of skin. By retaining fluid in the skin it retains moisture at same time by secreting the unctuousness. It assists for Vaata activity as it is harbouring in the skin for perception of tactile stimuli. It regulates the body temperature. Sveda Kshaya ( decrease in excretion of sweat ) and Sveda Vriddhi ( increased excretion of sweat ) are mostly related with abnormally increased or decreased Meda Dhaatu .
Contemporary ColloquialSweat

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