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Etymology/ Definition औपम्यं नाम यदन्येनान्यस्य सादृश्यमधिकृत्य प्रकाशनं, यथा दण्डेन दण्डकस्य,धनुषा धनुःस्तम्भस्य, इष्वासेना आरोग्यदस्येति / च.वि.८/४२
Literary MeaningM / W – comparison, resemblance, analogy
Implied MeaningIt means of acquiring certain knowledge, Charakaachaarya has described this type of Pramaana, to draw inference based on similarity .
ElaborationExposition based on the similarity between two entities is Upamaana or analogy. E. g. The disease Dan`d`aka ( characterized by the rigidity of the muscles of the body ) is explained as similar to Dan`d`a ( wooden rod ). It is a situation in which a well – known thing is compared to some other less known thing, as a result of some degree of similarity that exists between the two. E. g. Dhanustambha ( arching of the body from head to toe like a bow, in advanced tetanus ) disease, similarity between an arch and the arched body is the reason for this nomenclature.
Upamaana is an instrument of knowledge acquisition in Ayurveda .

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