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Etymology/ Definition संस्कारो हि गुणान्तराधानमुच्यते । च.वि. १/२०/२
संस्कारश्च बहुविधविकल्प इति योजना । च.सू.२५/४९ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.26/34, C.Vi.1/20/2
Literary MeaningProcessing, M / W – refining
Implied MeaningAll the processes, which bring about a desired change in the properties of any substance, are termed as Samskaara .
ElaborationThis is one of the set of eleven Paraadi attributes.
Contact with water, contact with fire, contact with fire and water together, storage in a particular vessel, effect of time, cleansing, triturating etc. are some of the modalities that bring about a change in the inherent properties of the substances. These are collectively called Samskaara .
This is done to suppress the undesired effects and to generate the desired ones in a substance.
Contemporary ColloquialProcessing, treating, converting

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