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Etymology/ Definitionदुर्गन्धो विपरीतो अस्माद् (सुगन्धात्) हृल्लासारुचिकारकः । सु.सू.४६/५२१
ReferenceS.Su.46/522, C.Si.6/32, C.Su.27/215
Literary MeaningM / W – ill – smelling, stinking
Implied MeaningThis attribute has opposite effect of Sugandha, which causes nausea and anorexia. Hence it is used to induce Vamana .
ElaborationThis attribute is described by Sus`hruta . This attribute has unfavourable effect on mind. It puts the mind off the stimulus.
If a medicine having ill – smell is given for purgation it causes vomiting due to nauseating effect of this attribute. Water having this attribute is unfavourable to body.

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