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Etymology/ Definition येन नारीषु सामर्थ्यं वाजीवल्लभते नर:। व्रजेच्चाभ्यधिकं येन वाजीकरणमेव तत्‌ । च. चि. २/४/५
ReferenceC.Chi.2/4, S.Su.1/8, A.H.U.40/2-3
Literary MeaningVaaja means S`hukra . One who possesses ample S`hukra is Vaajee. A branch of Ayurveda , which deals with recovery from S`hukra disorder is Vaajeekaran`a .
Implied MeaningBranch of Ayurveda dealing with improving, nourishing, generating, purifying the S`hukra ( reproductive tissue ) as well as resolving the obstructions to its passage and improving the erectile dysfunctions .
A person could achieve sex desire and performance like Vaajee ( Horse ) by using Vaajeekaran`a Dravya .
The S`hukravaha Srotas and the S`hukradharaa Kalaa are the sites of action of this substance A person devoid of sexual potency regains it through Vaajeekaran`a therapy.
ElaborationIt is one of the branches of Asht`aanga Ayurveda, which deals mainly with increasing the reproductive tissue quantitatively. It also deals with purification, generation and expulsion of the reproductive tissue as well as improving libido, erectile dysfunction and satisfaction associated with the sexual act. It helps beget a healthy progeny.
S`hukra has a two – fold function in the body. First is reproduction and the second is regeneration of the body constituents. This is done by the S`hukradharaa Kalaa, which is spread all over the body.
substances have the following three – fold action:1 S`hukra Janana to generate S`hukra
S`hukra Pravartana to facilitate ejaculation and
S`hukra Janana Pravartana to facilitate generation, erection and ejaculation.
Praharshin`i Stree ( sexually excited woman ) is said to be the most aphrodisiac.
Contemporary ColloquialAphrodisiac

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