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Etymology/ Definitionअनूकं-स्वभावः, स्वररूप चेष्टानुकरणम् अ.ह्र.शा.३/८९ अरूणदत्त
ReferenceC.Su.2/27 Chakrapaan`i, A.Sha.3/89 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningSimilarity
Implied MeaningAnookatva is an analogy to various types of traits of Prakriti . It involves physical and behavioural aspects.
Vaagbhat`a has described various similar traits of Vaata Pitta and Kapha constitution.
People with specific Dosha constitution exhibit some physical characters like look, gait or some behavioural traits, destructive nature, regal countenance etc. of animals. This is listed in the following table.

ConstitutionAnookatvaVaataDog, Rat, Crow, Camel,PittaTigerMonkey,KaphaSwan, Elephant, Lion, Horse
Contemporary ColloquialLink to Prakriti Pareekshan`a

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