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Srotas Rodha

KeywordSrotas Rodha
Etymology/ Definition सङ्गो – निरोधः । सु. उ. ४/२९ डल्हण
सङ्गो – रोधः । सु. उ. ५२/७ डल्हण
रोधः – अनिर्गमनः । मा. नि. २/३ मधुकोष
रोधः – अप्रवृत्तिः । मा. नि. ३/५ मधुकोष
उपरोधो – अनिर्गम्  । मा. नि. २/३ आत्रुदर्पणम्‌
ReferenceS.U.4/29, S.U.52/7
Literary MeaningRodha means the act of stopping , obstructing , impeding ; suppressing , preventing , confining
Implied MeaningObstruction in the body channels
ElaborationWhen the Rasa cannot traverse through the body channels due to obstruction in body channel is known as Sroto Rodha Vishamaas`hana ( consuming wholesome and unwholesome diet together ) is one of the cause of Srotorodha .
SynonymsSanga, Anirgama, Aavaran`a, Upaghaata, Apravritti, Uparodha
AntonymSroto Vikasana, Sroto Vaimalya

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