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Etymology/ Definitionशोणितस्य दुष्टस्य दुष्टिमपहृत्य प्रकृतौ
शोणितं स्थापयतितीति शोणितस्थापनम् । च.सू.४/८ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.4/8 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningHaemostatic
Implied MeaningThe act of arresting excessive flow of blood and normalising the regular function of blood is called S`hon`itasthaapana.
ElaborationVarious modes for S`hon`itasthaapana are as follows:Substances with cold potency help by promoting coagulation of blood, e. g. Pravaala Mauktika and Kamala ( Lotus ).
Substances, which are sweet and astringent in taste and cold in potency act as S`hon`itasthaapaka . E. g. S`hataavaree Saareevaa Chandana etc.
Some substances increase the quantity of blood and act as S`hon`ita Sthaapaka, e. g. Varaaha Rudhira.
These substances are useful in bleeding disorders like Raktaatisaara ( blood diarrhoea ), Raktapradara Raktaars`ha ( bleeding piles )
Contemporary ColloquialBlood coagulation
AntonymS`hon eetasraavakara

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