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Etymology/ Definition तस्य खल्वेवंप्रवृत्तस्य शुक्रशोणितस्याभिपच्यमानस्य क्षीरस्यैव सन्तानिका: सप्त त्वचो भवन्ति। सु.शा.४/४
Literary MeaningSkin
Implied Meaning1. Sapta Tvak ( Seven types of skin )
2. Place of origin of Maamsavaha Srotas.
3. Seat of Spars`hanendriya.
4. Upadhaatu ( subsidiary tissue ) of Maamsa.
ElaborationSlowly converted foetal Rakta yields seven layers of the skin, which forms the outer boundary. Within this the rest of the development takes place. Skin bounds every organ.
In the post partum life it is nourished by Rasa Dhaatu but as a subtype of muscular tissue. There are seven layers of varying thickness and each one has a different and specific nomenclature and function. The 7 layers are:
. Avabhaasinee 2. Lohitaa 3. S`hvetaa 4. Taamraa 5. Vedinee
6. Rohin`ee 7. Maamsadharaa.
SynonymsTvachaa, Charma
Contemporary ColloquialSkin

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