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S`hukra S`hodhana

KeywordS`hukra S`hodhana
Literary MeaningCleansing of S`hukra Dhaatu .
Implied MeaningThe drugs whch removes impurities ( cleanse and refine S`hukra Dhaatu ) and strenghtn it for better functioning.
ElaborationDue to vitiated Dosha and Rakta eight types of S`hukra Dusht`i cause Process of curing this S`hukra Dusht`i by cleansing S`hukra Dhaatu is call as S`hukra S`hodhana. S`hukra S`hodhana Gan`a is explained by Charaka. Following medicines are useful as S`hukra S`hodhana Kusht`ha, Elavaaluka Jeevaneeya Ghrita Chyavanapraas`ha S`hilaajatu Yava ( Barley ) etc.
Basti Karma is also useful as S`hukra S`hodhaka.
AntonymS`hukra Dusht`ikara

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