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Aas`hvaasa / Aas`hvaasana

KeywordAas`hvaasa / Aas`hvaasana
Etymology/ Definitionआश्वासम् सान्त्वनम् । अ. हृ. उ.६/४७
ReferenceC.Su.25/40, S.Sha.10/13, S.Sha.2/28
Literary MeaningCompassion
Implied MeaningIt is a kind of treatment in which counselling is done to make adjustments to the stimulus response pattern of the patient.
Charakaachaarya describes water as superior among the substances, which help to boost the patient’s morale.
ElaborationDepressive mind set worsens the diseases. This is applicable in physical as well as psychological conditions. So the good mental state always resists diseases. The sprinkling of water supports mind and restores mental balance. Long standing disappointment leads to various psychological disorders. In such conditions apart from medicines Aas`hvaasana Chikitsaa has greater impact. Nowadays counselling concept in modern medicine emerges with similar importance.
Contemporary ColloquialCounselling, empathy

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