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Etymology/ Definitionबस्ति – बस्तिना दीयते इति बस्ति। अ. हृ. सू. १९/१
ReferenceA.H.Su.19/1 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningEnema
Implied Meaning1. An important procedure to pacify Vaata Dosha .
2. A type of Marma ( vital point ).
3. One of fifteen Kosht`haanga ( Visceral organs )
ElaborationIt is one of the five purificatory measures advocated by Ayurveda to eliminate the vitiated Dosha . It is mainly used to treat the Vaayu Dosha . It is a very potent tool in the hands of competent and resourceful physicians.
1. It can be classified according to the effect it brings about.
Niruha: to establish Vaata Anulomana i. e. to establish the normal flow of it by removing the pathophysiological blocks.
Anuvaasana: to provide oleation, to control Vaata .
Yaapana: to ensure production of good quality Rasa thereby nourishing the body. It is also used in the management of diseases, which are developed by deprived Rasa Dhaatu .
2. It is the type of Marma ( vital point ), injury to which causes immediate death of a person.

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