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Etymology/ Definitionयत् पुरीषं संग्रहयति तत् पुरीषसंग्रहणीयम् ।
Literary MeaningStopping fecal matter from going out / arresting the outward and excessive passage of stool
Implied MeaningThese are the drugs, which stop the passing of fecal matter.
ElaborationThese drugs are dominant of Agni Mahaabhoota . Therefore, they increase the appetite and digest the food. Due to their hot attribute, they absorb water from faesces. Such medicines are useful in Niraama Atisaara .
In Charaka Samhitaa , group of ten drugs explained as Graahee or Pureesha Sangrahan`eeya . These are as follows:
Priyangu ( Callicarpa macrophylla Vahl .), Mocharasa ( Salmalia Padmakes`hara ( Nelumbium speciosum Willd .) etc.
Antonym( Pureesha ) Virechana / Anulomana / Sramsana / Bhedana

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