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Udarda Pras`hamana

KeywordUdarda Pras`hamana
Etymology/ Definition उदर्द वरटीदनकारः शोथः, तत्प्रशमनः उदर्दप्रशमनः । च. सू. ४/८ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningUdarda means erysipelas ( M / W ), Pras`hamana means Pacifying
Implied MeaningThe drugs pacifying Udarda are Udarda Pras`hamana .
ElaborationUdarda is a localised oedema ( S`hotha ) in shape of oyster manifested on the skin. It is devoid of opening. It is cause due to vitiation of Kapha . Drugs, which subsides Udarda, are call as Udarda Pras`hamana . In Charaka Samhitaa , group of 10 drugs is explained as Udarda Pras`hamana Gan`a. E. g. Tinduka, Priyaala, Badara, etc.

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