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Pradoshaja Vyaadhi

KeywordPradoshaja Vyaadhi
Literary MeaningPradoshaja means disordered conditions. Diseases arising from significant contamination of body constituents are called Pradoshaja Vyaadhi
Implied MeaningThese are the diseases arising out of vitiation of Dosha harbouring in various sites in body like Dhaatu ( body tissue ), Mala ( waste products ), Indriya ( sense organs ) and Snaayu ( muscle )- Kan`d`araa ( tendons )
ElaborationCharaka describes various diseases, which develop due to vitiation of different body constituents. Aggravation or vitiation of Dosha in that particular site causes vitiation of harbour site, which gives rise to various diseases called Pradoshaja Vyaadhi.
Example of related diseases described by CharakaVitiated body constituent Related Arising diseasesRasaAnaemia, Anorexia, body acheRakta (Blood)Skin diseases, stomatitisMaamsa (Flesh)Gan`d`maalaaAdhimaamsaMeda (Fat)(Prameha) DiabetesAsthi (Bones)Toothache, disorders related to hairs, nails and bonesMajjaa (Bone marrow)Giddiness, Syncopal attacksS`hukra (Semen)Infertility, erectile dysfunctionsIndriya (Sense organs)Loss of related functionsSnaayu (Tendons)Stiffness and contracture of body partsMala (Waste products)Loose motionsCharaka also describes the specific treatment of Pradoshaja. Vyaadhi – e. g. Diseases due to vitiation of Rasa – Langhana ( fasting therapy ), Paachana ( digestion therapy )
SynonymsDhaatupradoshaja Vyaadhi

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