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TypeN./ B.P.
Etymology/ Definitionअकाले बहु चाल्पं वा भुक्तं तु विषमाशनम् । अ.हृ.सू. ८।३४
ReferenceA.H.Su.8/34 C.Chi.15/235, S.Su.46/508
Literary MeaningM / W – eating irregularly ( either as to quantity or time )
Implied MeaningConsumption of food in less or more quantity at improper time is called Vishamaas`hana
ElaborationFood is important to maintain health and prevent diseases. It should be consumed at regular time and in adequate amount. When the time or amount is not adhered to and violated repeatedly it constitutes Vishamaas`hana , which is a measure and frequent cause of various intrinsic diseases.
If a person consumes food in this manner, it badly affects the digestive power and then results in various symptoms like Agnimaandya ( decreased digestive power ), Aadhamaana ( flatulence ) etc.
Vishamaas hana may lead to hazardous diseases or even death. ( C. Chi. 15 / 235 ). Charakaachaarya has described irregular consumption of diet ( Vishamaas`hana ) as an important causative factor of Raajayakshmaa ( Tuberculosis ).
AntonymAdhyas hana, Samas`hana

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