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Das`havidha Aatura Pareekshaa

KeywordDas`havidha Aatura Pareekshaa
Etymology/ Definitionआतुरं परीक्षेत प्रकृतितश्च विकृतिश्च सारतश्च संहननता प्रमाणतश्च सात्म्यतश्च सत्वतश्च आहारशक्तितश्च व्यायामशक्तितश्च वयतश्चेति बलप्रमाण विशेष / च.वि.८/९४
Literary MeaningTen fold examination
Implied MeaningTen factors for patient’s examination
ElaborationAfter careful assessment of a patient with these factors physician gets comprehensive understanding about the patient, about the strength of the disease and the management essential to control it. The purpose of this examination is to obtain knowledge related to the morbidity ( Aaayusha Pramaan`a Dnyaana Hetu ). The treatment modality and the dosage form are determined on the basis of this assessment. If strong medications are administered to a weak patient without proper examination it might result in worsening his condition resulting his death.
These are the ten factors to evaluate any patient:
1. Prakriti – Physical and psychological constitution of a patient
2. Vikriti – Any disease history or current diseases3. Saara – Excellence of Dhaatu
4. Samhanana – Compactness or development of organs and body tissues, muscle tone
5. Pramaan`a – measurement of organ of the body.6. Saatmya – state of homologation either by birth or the acquired one, habits
7. Sattva – Psychological condition
8. Aahaarashakti – Capacity of intake and digestion of food
9. Vyaayaama – Power of performing exercise.
10. Vaya – Age

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