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Etymology/ Definitionअर्थानाम् इन्द्रियार्थानाम् । च,सू.११/३७ चक्रपाणि, अर्थ – प्रयोजन:। च.सू.२६/१२
ReferenceC.Su.26/12, C.Su.1/49, S.Sha.10/53,C.Su.11/37 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – object of senses

Implied Meaning1. It is the stimulus of the sense organ. It is the respective stimulus of the sense organ.
2. Prayojana ( intention )
Elaboration1. The external environment is perceived by Aatman through the sense organs. The sense organs are dependent on their respective stimulus, which is called Artha. The sense organs are instruments of perception and the senses are instruments of knowledge acquisition.
S`habda : sound perceived by S`hrotrendriya ( ear )
: touch perceived by Spars`hendriya ( skin )
Roopa : vision perceived by Chakshurendriya ( eyes )
Rasa : taste perceived by Rasanendriya ( tongue )
: smell perceived by Ghraan`endriya ( nose )
2. The purpose behind any function or action ( Kaarya ) e. g. Prayojana of Ayurveda is to maintain good health and cure diseases.
Contemporary ColloquialObject of sense organ

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