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Jala Varga

KeywordJala Varga
Literary MeaningGroup of different types water
Implied MeaningIt is one of the categories described by Sus`hrita, which is related with differant types of water and their attributes.
ElaborationWater is the most important remedy to give courage to a person – causing to revive ( Aas`hvaasanakara ). In Ayurveda based on origin, season, Sanskaara etc. qualities of various types of water is mentioned These types of water are group under Jala Varga . Types of water are
Divya Jala
Sub Types:
Dhaara Jala ( Coming down in a stream or as rain )
Kaara Jala
Taushaara Jala 
( Sprung from snow )
Haima Jala 
( caused or produced by snow or ice )
Bhauma Jala ( terrestrial )Sub Types:
Varshaa Jala 
( Water in rainy season )
S`haarada Jala ( Water in autumnal season )
Haimanta Jala ( Water in winter season )
S`his`hira Jala ( Water in dewy season )
Vaasantika Jala ( Water in spring )
Graishmika Jala ( Water in summer season )

Other than this some of the types of water are as follows:
Saamudra Jala ( Seawater )
S`heeta Jala 
( Cold Water )
Ushn`a Jala 
( Hot Water )
Vyushita Jala 
( Old water stored more than of 24 hours – daybreak )
Naarikelodaka ( Coconut water )

SynonymsToya Varga

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