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Garbhagriha Sevana

KeywordGarbhagriha Sevana
Etymology/ Definitionगर्भगृहोदरे इति बृहृहमध्ये अपरं यत् क्षुद्रगृहं तस्याभ्यन्तरे,तेन भूगृहमपि गृह्यते।
सु.उ.६४/२६ डल्हण
ReferenceS.U.64/25, C.Su.6/14
Literary MeaningSanctum sanctorum of temple where the idol of the deity is situated
Implied MeaningGarbhagriha means a room at the core of a big house. Garbhagriha Sevana means staying in this internal room.
ElaborationIn winter season, protection from cold weather is necessary. For this, some changes in day – to – day life and habitat are advised. Staying in Garbhagriha protects from direct contact with cold winds. The temperature inside this room is higher than that of the surroundings because this room is at the core of the house as there are no direct wind currents entering it. This helps to eliminate bad effects of cold weather.
SynonymsNivaata S`hayana

AntonymPurovaatasevana, Pravaatasevaa

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