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Yaapya – Pratyaakheya

KeywordYaapya – Pratyaakheya
Etymology/ Definitionशेषत्वादायुषो याप्यमसाध्यं पथ्यसेवया ।
लब्धाल्पसुखमल्पेन हेतुनाऽऽशुप्रवर्तकम् ॥
गम्भीरं बहुधातुस्थं मर्मसन्धिसमाश्रितम् ।
नित्यानुशायिनं रोगं दीर्घकालमवस्थितम् ॥
विद्याद्विदोषजं, तद्वत् प्रत्याख्येयं त्रिदोषजम् । च.सू.१०/१७

Implied MeaningIt is a group of incurable but palliative diseases.
ElaborationDiseases exhibiting following characteristics are considered as incurable but palliative:
1. Patient has survived for a certain period by following the wholesome regimen and as such has enjoyed a little relief. However, even the slightest carelessness is likely to worsen the patient’s condition instantaneously.
2. Diseases have affected deep – seated Dhaatu.
3. The disease involves number of body constituents.
4. It affects the vital organs and joints.
5. It affects the patient continuously for a long time.
6. The disease is caused by the vitiation of two Dosha .
Contemporary ColloquialPalliative disease

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