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Agni Dusht`i

KeywordAgni Dusht`i
Literary MeaningViolated / spoiled / corrupted state of digestive capacity
Implied MeaningWhen the process of digestion is not taking place evenly, it is said that this is condition of violated state of digestive capacity.
ElaborationAgni Dusht`i is a term which refers to the impairment of digestive power.
It is supposed that digestion should be completed within 12 hours after consumption of food. But, if this rule is violated ; that means, if food gets digested before or too late than this expected period, then this can be called as Agni Dusht`i Vishama Agni Teekshn`a Agni and Manda Agni are types of Agni Dusht`i.
Sama Agni is the only non – violated condition of digestive capacity.
AntonymSama Agni

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