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Agni Saada

KeywordAgni Saada
Etymology/ Definitionअग्निसादकरम् – अग्निनिर्वापणकरम् । सु. उ. ४०/१६६ डल्हण
Literary MeaningM / W – Agni means digestive faculty, Saada – Sinking down
Saadakara – exhausting / wearying / destroying
Implied MeaningAgni Saada is lowered digestive capacity. Factors which are responsible for this are called as Agni Saadakara .
ElaborationAgni is an entity which depends on Pitta Dosha . It is slightly unctuous ( Sasnigdha ), penetrating ( Teekshn`a ), hot ( Ushn`a ), light ( Laghu ) and liquid ( Drava ). When Pitta is devoid of its liquidity, then only it becomes capable to digest and then this Pitta is called as Anala i. e. Agni ( The Digestive Capacity ).
When it possesses liquidity, then it is not able to digest the food properly.
Agni Saada is a condition where the qualities of Paachaka Pitta , sink down and turn in to liquid state ; because of which food does not get digested properly.
All the food material which possesses opposite attribute to Pitta , lowers down the digestive capacity. Such food possesses the attributes like dry ( Rooksha ), slow ( Manda ), cold ( S`heeta ), heavy to digest ( Guru ), liquid ( Drava ). These attributes lowers down the attributes of Paachaka Pitta Agni ) and hence digestive capacity also sinks down. E. g. Excessive consumption of Milk, Meat etc.
SynonymsAgni Maandya, Agni Nirvaapan`a
AntonymAgni Deepti / Agni Deepana

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