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Etymology/ Definitionगर्भाशयो गर्भाधारो, यः सः अष्टमः,स्त्रीणामेव देहे सम्भवति न पुंसाम् । अ.ह्र.शा.३/११ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceA.H.Sha.3/11 Arun`adatta, S.Ni 8/3, S.Sha.9/12, S.Sha.5/43
Literary MeaningUterus
Implied MeaningIt is a site where the foetus embeds and harbours itself. This is the eighth structure exclusive to the female body.
ElaborationIt is the main organ of female reproduction. Yoni is like a conch, spiral in structure. The innermost organ is the uterus and the endometrium. It is this endometrium that is called Garbhaas`haya where the fertilised ovum from the fallopian tubes descends and embeds itself till formation of Placenta ( Aparaa ). This is the origin of the Aartavavaha Srotas in females. Generation, flow and conception of the ovum take place in it.
In Vankshan`a uterus occupies the central place between Basti and Uttara Guda ( the urinary bladder and the rectum ).
Various pathological conditions arise out of contamination, vitiation of it due to the vitiated Dosha .
Contemporary ColloquialUterus

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