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Etymology/ Definition सौमनस्यकृतः चित्तप्रसादकृतः । अ.हृ. सू. ३/२२ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceC.Su.5/96, A.H.Su.3/22
Literary MeaningCausing gladness, cheerfulness and satisfaction of mind.
Implied MeaningTo induce a sense of well being, happiness
ElaborationAccording to Charaka, Saumanasya is very important for inducing conception. Saumanasya is a state of mind characterized by a sense of well being and a positive attitude which is instrumental in creating an environment that is most conducive for conception to occur. Following things have Saumanasyajanana effect :-
Lepa of medicines having pleasant smell e.g. Sandal.
Wearing flowers having pleasant fragrance.
SynonymsUtsaaha, Chittaprasaadakara
AntonymDuarmansya, Vishaaada

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