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Etymology/ Definitionघृतं योगवाहि । च.सू.२७।२३१ चक्रपाणि
सर्पिर्मज्जा वसा तैलं स्नेहेषु प्रवरं मतम्।
तत्रापि चोत्तमं सर्पिः संस्कारस्यानुवर्तनात्।
माधुर्यादविदाहित्त्वाज्जन्माद्येव च शीलनात् । अ.हृ.सू.१६/३
ReferenceS.Su.45/96 ,A.H.Su.5/37, C.Su.27/231 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – Ghee i. e. clarified butter or butter which has been boiled gently and allowed to cool
Implied MeaningIt is final product prepared from milk, which is superior in Sneha Dravya ( different sources of oil ) as its properties are enhanced with specific processes.
ElaborationJust as S`hukra is the end product of tissue metabolism in the body Ghrita is the end product of Milk.
It is described as Rasaayana par excellence along with cow milk as it is beneficial to all the seven tissues Ojas , waste products and Agni .
It is the drug of choice in Pitta disorders owing to its soft, mild, slow and cold attributes, sweet taste and post digestive effect. It is homologus to humanbeings since birth.
Regular consumption of Ghrita leaves no need for other Rasaayana.
is used directly or is processed ( Siddha Ghrita ) with medicines before use.

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