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Etymology/ Definitionआहारस्य सम्यक् परिणतस्य यस्तेजोभूतः सारः परमसूक्ष्मः स ’रसः’
ReferenceC.Su.17/64,C.Su.28/10, S.Su.14/13, S.Su.15/7, A.H.Su.11/4, A.Sha.3/80
Literary MeaningBody fluid
Implied MeaningThe word Rasa is derived from the verb ‘ Sara’ which means to move . The Rasa means one , which moves or circulates continually . It is derived from food . The essence or useful part of food after digestion becomes Rasa . The useful part of food is converted into Rasa within a day .
ElaborationVyaana Vaayu controls activity of heart due to which it delivers the Rasa all over the body to nourish all the tissue cells .
Its quantity in the body is Nine Anjalee _ s . Rasa resembles Kapha and is subtle , cold , and fluid .
After digestion of Rasa emergent higher quality Rasa yields Rakta Dhaatu ( blood ), and the lower quality is converted into Kapha ( as Rasa Dhaatu Mala ). Breast milk ( Stanya ) and menstrual discharge ( Raja ) also originate from Rasa and are termed as Upadhaatu _ s of Rasa . They are responsible for health , complexion and feeling of contentment ( Preen ` ana ), satisfaction or satiety . The vitiation of Rasa gives rise to reluctance to carry out normal activities , anorexia , nausea , weak digestive power , fever , restlessness , exestuation , emaciation and dryness of skin , premature greying of hair and wrinkling of skin .
SynonymsAahara Rasa

Contemporary ColloquialBody fluid , Nutrient fluid

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