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Kledaka Kapha

KeywordKledaka Kapha
Etymology/ Definitionयस्त्वामाशयसंस्थित:। क्लेदक: सोऽन्नसंघातक्लेदनात्। अ.हृ.सू. १२/१६
Literary MeaningM / W – wetting, moistening, phlegm in the stomach
Implied MeaningIt is one of the five subtypes of Kapha Dosha, which contribute in digestion process by moistening and fragmenting the consumed food.

ElaborationVaagbhat`a specifically describes subtypes of Kapha . It is located in the stomach. It liquefies the bulk of ingested food ( Annasamghaata ) and starts the process of digestion.
Vitiation of Kledaka Kapha leads to various diseases related to gastro intestinal tract.

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