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Etymology/ Definitionऋत्वोरन्त्यादि सप्ताहौ ऋतुसन्धिरिति स्मृतः । अ.हृ.सू.३/५८
Literary MeaningInter seasonal period
Implied MeaningThe period of two weeks starting from seven days at the end of previous season and seven days of successive next season, This fifteen days period is known as Ritusandhi ( inter seasonal period ).
ElaborationRitusandhi means transition period between two seasons. It is important to change the regimen according to the next season. During this period the regimen of the preceding season should be discontinued gradually and that of the forthcoming season should be adopted gradually. Sudden discontinuation or sudden adoption gives rise to diseases caused by Asaatmya ( unwholesomeness ).
It is a period of total fifteen days including the last week of the previous season and first week of the next season.

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