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Anoopa Des`ha

KeywordAnoopa Des`ha
Etymology/ Definitionप्रचुरोदकवृक्षो यो निवातो दुर्लभातप:। अनूपो बहुदोषश्च । च. वि.३/४८
ReferenceC.Vi.3/48, A.H.Su.1/23, C.K.1/8, S.Su.35/42
Literary MeaningM / W – a watery place, wet , watery , marshy place
Implied MeaningA geographical territory having liberal quantity of water with huge trees having thick foliage, less blowing winds and less sunlight is called Aanoopa Des`ha.
This term occurs when describing the geographical distribution and classification. The purpose is to describe the effect of geographical areas on various aspects of human life such as the individual constitution. Des`haanupatinee Prakriti , effect on the activity on Dosha etc.
ElaborationThis is the maximum unsuitable region with highest disease proximity. This terrain is very prone to Kapha diseases due to the abundance and proximity of water and thick rain forest like vegetation. Less sunlight, high humidity and inadequate water drainage make this area distinctly disease prone. Due to the dominance of Kapha Dosha people in this region are more prone to develop Kapha related Diseases like Prameha ( Diabetes ). Examples of flora of this region are Hintaala Tamaala and coconut tree. Fauna of this region are mainly aquatic viz. swan, Kokilaa ( Cuckoo ), Bramanny Geese ( Chakravaaka ).

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