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Etymology/ Definitionकर्णबन्धन – तत्र समासेन पञ्चदशकर्णबन्धाकृतय:। सु.सू.१६/१०
Literary MeaningUnification of ears, suturing
Implied MeaningSus`hruta describes 15 methods of unification of an ear in various types of deformities or tears of an ear. This is a type of cosmetic surgery roots of which are seen in Sus`hruta Samhitaa.
Elaboration1. Nemisandhaanaka – indicated when both the flaps of the split ear are thick, wide and equal.
2. Utapalabhedyaka – indicated when both flaps are round
3. Valluraka – indicated when both flaps are short, round and equal
4. Aasangima – indicated for long one inner flap
5. Gan`d`akarn – indicated when one outer flap of the ear is long
6. Aahaarya – indicated for a little flap on either side
7. Nirvedhima – indicated for flaps flat like a wooden seat attached to tragus
8. Vyaayojima – indicated when one of the flaps is even in terms of thickness or thinness while the other one is uneven
9. Kapaat`asandhika – indicated when the inner flap is long and outer one is short
10. Ardhakpaat`asandhika – indicated when the outer flap is long and inner one is short
11. Sankshipta – indicated for dried up pinna ( one flap is raised and the other one is short )
12. Heenakarn`a – indicated for flaps without base and with atrophy of muscle on both the sides
13. Vallekarn`a – indicated for thin, uneven, and short flaps
14. Yasht`hikarn`a – indicated for flaps, which are small, and are full of knotty muscles ( Grathita Maamsa ) and stiffened vessels
15. Kaakausht`aka – indicated in the conditions where flaps are emaciated with shortened tip, less swelling, heat, redness, suppuration, boils and discharge.

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