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Etymology/ Definitionयत्राश्रिताः कर्मगुणाः कारणं समवायि यत् तद् द्रव्यम्। च.सू.१/५१
Literary MeaningSubstance, entity
Implied MeaningA substance that has attributes and functions inseparably connected with it is called Dravya .
ElaborationThe Dravya are basically classified as Kaaran`a Dravya ( the causal entities ), and Kaarya Dravya ( the resultant entities or effects ).
The nine Kaaran`a Dravya are – Prithvee Aapa Teja Vaayu Aakaas`ha Kaala Dig Atman , and Maanas .
Kaarya Dravya are those, which are a result of the interaction of the nine causative substances.
Kaarya Dravya are further classified according to their effect and utility for the human body.
Contemporary ColloquialSubstance, Entity,

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