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Etymology/ Definition सिद्धान्तो नाम यः परीक्षकैः बहुविधं परीक्ष्य हेतुभिश्च स्थापयित्वा स्थाप्यते निर्णयः । च.वि.८/३७
Literary MeaningM / W – demonstrated conclusion of an argument
Implied MeaningDemonstrated truth established after reasoning and several examinations is known as Siddhaanta.
ElaborationIt is of four types.
Sarvatantra Siddhaanta – Truth common to all scriptures, all branches of contemporary sciences, e. g. existence of causative factors of diseases and existence of curative measures for curable diseases.
Pratitantra Siddhaanta – Truth specific to a given scripture, branch of science, e. g. In other scriptures Rasa ( taste ) are described to be of eight types but in Charaka Samhitaa they are of six types.
Adhikaran`a Siddhaanta – Truth implied from the given context
Abhyupagama Siddhaanta – Truth taken for granted for the time being during discussions
Contemporary ColloquialDogma, Tenets ( belief )

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