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Etymology/ Definitionदुग्धे दध्नि रसे तक्रे कल्को देयो अष्टमांशकः । कल्कस्य सम्यक् पाकार्थं तोयमत्र चतुर्गुणम् । शा.सं म.खं.९/७
Literary MeaningM / W – cooked in milk, preparing of medicinal drugs by cooking them in milk.
Implied MeaningIt is secondary preparation of Kvaatha ( decoction ), which is prepared with milk.
ElaborationSus`hruta has advocated Ksheerapaaka in various diseases like Mood`hagarbha ( difficult delivery ), dysentery, ascites, and Pravaahikaa ( mucus stained dysentery ).
As per S`haarangadhara description of Ksheerapaaka is:
Pounded drug should be put in eight times milk, which should be boiled with four times water till only milk remains. This residual preparation is called Ksheerapaaka.
Advocated in certain diseases and stages: Milk has unctuous, heavy and body constituent supporting properties ( Brimhan`a ) so it is mainly indicated in depleted stage of body constituents in different diseases. E. g. Kshataja Kaasa ( a type of cough ), Vaataja S`hleepada ( elephantiasis ), S`hushka Garbha ( I. U. G. R .) ( A. H. Chi 21 ).
Properties depend upon the various ingredients.
Various preparations of Ksheerapaaka exist in texts – Gud`aardraka Ksheerapaaka – indicated in various nasal disorders ( A. Sn. U 24 / 2 )
Dhaanyaka Ksheerapaaka – indicated in thirsty feeling.

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