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Etymology/ Definitionचक्षुष्यं चक्षुषे हितम् । सु.सू.४५/१३२ ङल्हण पादसंबध्दनेत्रपोषिकानाडीप्रत्यवायहरणात् चक्षुष्यम् । च.सू.५/१०१ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.5/101,A.H.Su.5/51-52 Arun`adatta, A.H.Su.6/46 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningM / W – pleasing to the eyes , wholesome for the eyes or the eyesight
Implied MeaningSubstances which are advantageous for eyes are called Chakshushya.
ElaborationChakshushya Dravya has attributes like cold, unctuous, and are sweet in taste. These substances nourish Rasaadi Dhaatu ( body tissues ), Ojas and acts as Chakshushya. E. g. Ghee , Yasht`imadhu ( Indian liquorice ).Substances with astringent taste also act as Chakshushya by absorbing liquid waste from Maamsa and Meda in eyes. E. g. Haritakee Aamalakee Bibhitaka and honey.
Substances having intense attributes and dominance of Teja Mahaabhoota are hazardous to eyes. E. g All salts are Achakshysya in nature except Saindhava ( Black salt ).

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