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Etymology/ Definition सुगन्धो रोचनो मृदुः । सु.सू.४६।५२१
सुगन्धादीनाम्‌ कर्पूरादिवासितानि
ReferenceS.Su.46/521, S.U.64/43, C.Chi.27/301, A.H.Su.13/5
Literary MeaningM / W – fragrance
Implied MeaningSubstances like camphor possess this attribute. These substances are pleasant, subtle, relishing and mild.
ElaborationThis attribute is especially described by Sus`hruta Chandana ( Sandalwood ) also possesses this attribute due to which it adds flavour and taste to various formulations. Perception of mal odours by sense organ induces vomiting ( Dvist aarthaja Chhardi ), which results in vitiation of mind. Substances having Sugandha have favourable effect on mind. Charaka advises use of Manonukola substances ( favourable to mind ) in the treatment of Dvist aarthaja Chhardi.
describes use of Sugandhi substances in the treatment of Pitta Dosha.
These substances have aphrodisiac action.

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