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Trividha Bala

KeywordTrividha Bala
Etymology/ Definition त्रिविधं बलमिति सहजं, कालजं, युक्तिकृतं च । च.सू. ११।३६
Literary MeaningThree types of physical power, strength.
Implied MeaningThree types of Bala ( strength ) are Sahaja ( natural ), Kaalaja ( time related ) Yuktikrit ( acquired ).
ElaborationSahaja – It is the natural physical strength. The constitution and the Dhaatu Saarataa decided it .
Kaalaja – It is the strength acquired at a particular age and season ( Ritu ).
Yuktikrit – It is the strength acquired by physical exercises, diet etc.
It is an important consideration from the diagnostic and management point of view. Charaka has described some factors that decide the state of physical strength of a person – Bala Vriddhikara Bhaava
SynonymsVyaayaama S`hakti
Contemporary ColloquialPower, efficiency

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