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Etymology/ Definition उत्तरतन्त्रे शेषान्‌ अर्थान्‌ वक्ष्याम इति, शेषाानर्थानिति शेषशब्देन रसभेदादयः स्वस्थवृत्तादयञ्च ज्ञेयाः । सु.सू. /१/४० डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.1/38 D`alhan`a, S.U.1/4-7
Literary MeaningM / W – concluding doctrine of a supplementary section in the medical manual of Sus`hruta, also part of supplementary portions of several other works.
Implied MeaningThis is a distinctive and supplementary section of Sus`hruta Samhitaa .
This comprises explanation regarding remaining aspects of Ayurveda.
ElaborationIn Sus`hruta Samhitaa Uttaratantra comprises of total 66 chapters.
Diseases, which are not covered in previous chapters, are explained in Uttaratantra e. g. various types of ophthalmologic and nasal disorders. It also contains description regarding the treatment of various complications, which are illustrated in earlier Sthaana.
According to many scholars Uttaratantra is not originally described by Sus`hruta , but is supplemented during later period.
Other texts like Asht`aanga Hridaya and Asht`aanga Samgraha are also supplemented with Uttaratantra.

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