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Etymology/ Definitionअहंकारोऽभिमानव्यापार लक्षण:। सु.शा.१/४ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Sha.1/4 D`alhan`a, S.Su.2/6 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningConceit, pride, haughtiness, M / W – self – consciousness, the third of the eight producers or sources of creation
Implied MeaningAhamkaara is a sense of self – consciousness. Existence of an entity is identified by Ahamkaara .
ElaborationIt is the third step in evolution of universe according to Saankhya and Ayurveda .
Ahamkaara is of three types viz. Saattvika Raajasa , and Taamasa .
The whole universe is generated from Saattvika and Taamasa Ahamkaara with the help of Raajasa Ahamkaara .
Saattvika Ahamkaara with Raajasa Ahamkaara breeds eleven sense and motor organs connected with mind while Taamasa Ahamkaara with Raajasa Ahamkaara breeds 5 Tanmaatraa ( rudimentary or subtle elements viz. S`habda Spars`ha Roopa Rasa Gandha ) from which the 5 Mahaabhoota or grosser elements are produced.

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