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Etymology/ Definitionरोपणार्थ संरोहणार्थम्। सु.सू.३७/२४डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.37/22- 25,C.Su.26/43
Literary MeaningM / W – growing over or a healing application
Implied Meaning1. It is a healing process of Vran`a ( ulcer )
2. Ropan`a Dravya facilitate healing
ElaborationThe healing process mainly occurs due to Kashaaya Rasa ( astringent ) and Vis hada ( cleanliness ) attribute of Dravya by absorbing Kleda ( liquid waste ) from the healing of Vran`a ( ulcer ).
Sus`hruta describes various kinds of medicines, which are useful for the healing process. E. g. Ghrita, Rasakriyaa, Taila ( oils ), and Choorn ` a ( medicated powder ).
AntonymChhedana Bhedana

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