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Etymology/ Definition वमनम्‌ – ऊर्ध्वमार्गहरणद्वारेण उ दकधातोः उच्छेदकारी । सु. उ. ४०/३२ डल्हण
Literary MeaningM / W – One who vomits or Causing emesis
Implied MeaningThese drugs provoke the aggravated Dosha to expel out by mouth.
ElaborationVamana drugs are administered, when Dosha are so aggravated that they are ready to expel through mouth ( Utkles`ha ) spontaneously. The attributes of these drugs are – Ushn`a, Teekshn`a, Sookshma, Vyavaayi, Vikaas`hee . E. g. Madanaphala Vachaa etc.
Because of these attributes, a drug with its potency reaches the heart and liquefies all Dosha by travelling through the Dhamanee . Liquefied Dosha travels towards the stomach and is expelled through the mouth..
SynonymsChhardikara, Ullekhanakara
Contemporary ColloquialEmetic

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