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Etymology/ Definition अतिप्रवृत्ति: सङ्गो वा सिराणां ग्रन्थयोऽपि वा । विमार्गगमनं चापि स्रोतसां दुष्टिलक्षणम्‌ । च. वि. ५/२४
ReferenceC.Vi.5/24, A.H.Sha.3/45
Literary MeaningM / W – Srotas means the course or current of nutriment in the body , channel or course for conveying food, an aperture in the human body, Dusht`i means
corruption, defilement, growing worse ( i. e. Vitiation of body channels )
Implied MeaningSrotas are body channels, which carry solid, liquid, and gaseous nutrients, waste products and secretions from one part to another part of the body. When these elements are vitiated, they invariably vitiate the channels through which they are passing. This is called as Srotasdusht`i . Increased Dosha and weakened or vitiated tissue lead to diseases of various body channels.
ElaborationVaata Pitta Kapha do not have channels of their own as they have free access to all the body tissues and channels. Charaka mentioned the manifestation of vitiation of Srotasa .
General symptoms of vitiation of Srotasa are as follows:
1. Increased or decreased secretion or flow. e. g. diarrhoea, constipation
2. Obstruction to the passage leading to a flow in abnormal or reverse direction e. g. Obstructive Jaundice
3 Appearance of prominent blood vessels e. g. prominent veins prior to ascites.
Charaka has mentioned separate symptoms of each vitiated Srotas:
1. Praan`avaha Srotas – Too long or too restricted, aggravated, shallow or frequent respiration associated with sound and pain.
2. Annavaha Srotas – Anorexia, indigestion, vomiting
3. Udakavaha – Dryness of tongue, palate, lips, throat and Kloma and excessive thirst
4. Rasavaha – Disinclination of food, anorexia, nausea, heaviness, drowsiness, fever, fainting, anaemia, impotency, emaciation, loss of power of digestion, premature appearance of wrinkles and grey hair
5. Raktavaha – Kusht`ha, Visarpa ( spreading diseases of skin including erysipelas ), pimples, Raktapitta ( a disease characterized by bleeding from different parts of body ), menorrhagia, inflammation of rectum ( Gudapaaka ), penis, stomatitis, abdominal tumour ( Gulma ), leucoderma, papules, urticaria
6. Maamsavaha – AdhiMaamsarbuda ( granuloma, myoma ), Galashaalooka, Galashud ika Pooti Maamsa ( sloughing of flesh ), Galagand`a ( goitre )
7. Medovaha – Obstinate urinary disorders including diabetes
8. Asthivaha – Adhyasthi Adhidanta ( Hypertrophy of bones and teeth ), cracking sensation of bones, disorders of hair
9. Majjaa – Jointpain, giddiness, fainting, feeling of entering into darkness, deep seated abscess
10. S`hukravaha – impotency, Aharshan`a , diseased person’s progeny will be sick, sterile and short lived, either there is no conception or there will be abortion or miscarriage
11. Mootravaha – voiding too much urine or suppression of production of urine, impairment of the composition of urine, occasionally or frequently passing of thick urine with pain
12. Pureeshavaha – voiding of small quantity of faeces with difficulty, voiding of large quantity of watery or consolidated stool with pain and sound
13. Svedavaha – absence of perspiration, roughness and excessive smoothness of the body, general burning sensation of the body
SynonymsKhavaigun ya
Contemporary ColloquialDisorders of organs / structures of the body

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