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Biles`haya Varga

KeywordBiles`haya Varga
Etymology/ Definitionबिले भूगर्भे निषदनाद् बिलेशयाः । वा. सू. ६ बिले बाहुल्येन शेरत इति बिलेशयाः । वा. सू. ६ अरुणदत्त बिले विवरे शेरत निवसन्ति इति बिलेशयाः । वा. सू. ६ हेमाद्रिः
Literary MeaningM / W – ‘ Biles`haya’ means any animal that lives in holes, ‘ Varga’ means group.
Implied MeaningIt is a group of animals, which live in the holes under soil.
ElaborationChitraprisht`ha, Kaalaka, Bheka, Godhaa etc. belongs to Biles`haya group. The flesh of these animals is heavier to digest. Amongst all the Biles`haya animals Maamsa of Godhaa is of best attributes.
SynonymsBhoomis`haya Varga

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