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Agni Vaishamya

KeywordAgni Vaishamya
Etymology/ Definitionसमतक्षणविपरितलक्षणः विषमः । कदाचिद् विषमो अपचाराद् अपि न विक्रियते, कदाचिद् विक्रियते । चक्रपाणि विषमे स्निग्धाम्ललवणैः क्रियाविशेषैः प्रतिकुर्वीत । सु. सू. ३५/२६
ReferenceS.Su.35/24, C.Vi.6/4
Literary MeaningVaishamya – unevenness / inequality / diversity
Implied MeaningIt is one of the four types of Agni explained by Ayurveda , viz. Teekshn`a, Vishama, Sama and Manda .
ElaborationVishama Agni is irregular in digestive action, i. e. sometimes unwholesome food gets digested properly whereas, wholesome food does not get digested. This inconsistency in digestive activity is observed in Vaatala Purusha ; as Vaayu with its attributes like dryness, lightness, coldness, roughness, is responsible for this phenomenon. Vishama Agni is responsible for Vaataja Vikaara .
To make digestive activity even ( Sama Agni ), it is necessary to consume all such food having attributes like unctuous, sour and hot.
AntonymSama Agni

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