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Etymology/ Definition सुष्ठु अवतिष्ठते नीरोगित्वेनेति स्वस्थ तस्य वृत्ति स्वस्थरूपतया अनुवर्तनं तत्रस्वस्थवृत्तौ मतमभिमतं पूजितमिति यावत्‌ ।च.सू.१।६७ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.1/67 Chakrapaan`i,S.U.1/7
Literary MeaningThe regimen that will ensure heathy state, is Svasthavritta.
Implied MeaningIt is the code of conduct that includes the daily regimen, seasonal regimen and the allied issues like food, sleep, gratification of sexual desire etc ., which ensures good state of health.
ElaborationTo maintain healthy state, it is important to follow various daily regimes like Abhyanga ( to pacify Vaata ), Vyaayaama ( to strengthen the body components ), and avoidance of unwholesome things in context of diet and lifestyle.
AntonymHetusevaa ,

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