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Etymology/ Definitionयत्किञ्चित् दोषमुत्क्लेश्य न हरेत्तत्समासत: विरुद्धम्। अ.हृ.सू.७/४५
ReferenceC.Su.26/81, A.H.Su.7/45, S.Su.20/14
Literary MeaningM / W – adverse, unpleasant, disagreeable, eating incompatible or unsuitable food
Implied MeaningDravya, which precipitate Dosha but do not expel them out of the body, are called Viruddha Dravya ( incompatible substances ). They also hamper Dhaatu metabolism and lead to a host of diseases.
ElaborationThere are different factors due to which substances become incompatible:
1. Des`ha – Use of dry and intense / sharp substances in Jaangala Des`ha is said to be Des`ha Viruddha . Since dryness and sharpness are attributes of Vaata and Pitta Dosha , such a usage will aggravate them leading to Vaataja and Pittaja diseases.
2. Kaala – In winter season use of cold and dry substances is said to be Kaala Viruddha ( incompatible due to season ).
3. Agni – When digestive capacity is mild, intake of Guru ( heavy to digest ) food is said to be Agni Viruddha .
4. Maatraa – Equal amount of honey and Ghee ( incompatible due to certain proportion of substances ).
5. Saatmya – Use of sweet and cold substances by a person habitual to pungent and hot substances is called Saatmya Viruddha.
5. Veerya – Consumption of substances with cold potency in combination with those of hot potency.
6. Kosht`ha – Administration of mild purgative in a small dose for a person having Kroora Kosht`ha is Kosht`ha Viruddha
7. Avasthaa – Intake of Vaata aggravating food by a person after exhaustion, physical exercise or a sexual act is Avasthaa Viruddha ( incompatible in certain conditions ).
8. Krama – When a person takes food before his bowel and urinary bladder is empty and hence has no appetite, it is Karma Viruddha ( incompatible due to a non – orderly behavior ).
9. Parihaara – Intake of hot substances after taking Varaaha Maamsa ( pork ) ( incompatibility due to consumption of contra indicated foodstuff ).
10. Paaka – Preparation of food with bad or rotten wood.
11. Sanyoga – Consumption of sour food with milk
12. Hrid – Food with unpleasant taste ( unsuitable to heart ).
13. Sampat – Intake of food, which is not perfectly ripened.
14. Vidhi – Taking food in a public place.

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