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Etymology/ Definitionरोपणे क्ष्ण:। अ.हृ.सू १/१८ हेमाद्रि
ReferenceS.Su.46/527, A.H.Su.1/18 Hemaadri
Literary MeaningM / W – slippery, smooth, polished, soft
Implied MeaningThis is one of the twenty attributes. It is special as it has complex structure, it is smooth yet firm, which makes it stable under physical stress.
ElaborationThis is a combination of qualities like tender, smooth, firm. It is a property of Kapha and antagonistic to Vaata. The S`hlakshn`a Dravya has characteristics to increase the Dhaatu , by forming bond between body tissues. Due to this it also possesses a healing property. It facilitates the excretion of Mala . E. g. Saagaragot`aa ceasalpenia crista )
This Gun`a increases Kapha and compensates Khara attribute of Vaata S`hlakshn`a Dravya has dominance of Prithvee and Aapa Mahaabhoota S`hlakshn`a Dravya and Pichchhila Dravya have much resemblance in functions.
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